5 Reasons Why You Should Not Cancel Your Life Insurance Policy

Being financially secure is important in every situation. With a low-cost life insurance from Verti you care for your future and that of your family. Thanks to Verti’s customized offers, you can tailor your insurance to your personal life situation.

Why a life insurance is so important

Financial security is playing an increasingly important role for families. After all, everything from the current standard of living to the education of the children has to be financially secured. With a life insurance you provide for the serious case and look carefree in the future. Secure your family flexible, easy and secure.

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You need an insurance partner that offers simple products with clear benefits and promises. In addition, it should be possible to always tailor the insurance to your individual circumstances. Verti therefore offers products in cooperation with the life insurer iptiQ – a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiss Re – as a risk carrier. You benefit from the expertise of an international group of companies with more than 150 years of experience and an excellent financial strength rating.

Thanks to the transparent contract design, you know exactly what to expect during the contract years of your life insurance. Unexpected increases in contributions or other nasty surprises do not exist with us.

What types of life insurance are there?

A life insurance protects the death of the insured. It ensures that the partner or the family has no money worries in an emergency. Although capital-forming or unit-linked life insurance policies can also be taken out, term life insurance is the first choice for survivors’ insurance.

A term life insurance works as follows: If the insured person dies, the insurer pays the beneficiaries a previously agreed sum insured. This form of life insurance basically only applies in the event of death. There are several ways to customize Verti’s life insurance to your personal needs. Quickly and easily find out what monthly or annual insurance premiums you expect with our handy online calculator.

term and sum insured are useful

Given the variety of life insurance policies with different benefits, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Not every model is suitable for all insured persons alike. So compare different offers together to find the best option for you and your family.

Complete life insurance and subsequently customize it

First, you agree in the insurance contract with Verti all the details that are necessary for the conclusion of the contract. This includes

  • the beneficiaries in the event of the death of the insured
  • the period
  • and the sum insured

Choose between monthly or annual payment – how it works best for you. The current contributions depend, among other things, on the desired payout, your age and your state of health at the time the contract is concluded.

Honesty is the alpha and omega when concluding a contract. Anyone who makes false statements or conceals illness violates his pre-contractual duty to notify. In the worst case, you endanger your insurance coverage.

Certain events can change personal circumstances. Therefore, the insurance cover and thus the price of life insurance, so the regular contribution, can be adjusted later. Especially if you expect to be offspring, to marry or to buy a home, a higher sum insured often makes sense. Thus, the increased financial need would be covered in an emergency. Especially practical: there will be no renewed health check on these specific occasions. Of course, you can also at any time reduce the sum insured and change the beneficiary

If you want to terminate your term life insurance prematurely, you should think twice. Finally, you will lose the survivor’s protection for your loved ones. If you still have to take this step, for example because your financial situation has worsened, you can cancel Verti term life insurance on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the payment method chosen.

Complete life insurance online

For whom is a life insurance worthwhile?

Life insurance serves both private and business purposes. Especially term life insurance is popular with single parents, main earners and partners with approximately equal earnings. In business relationships, many business partners also use life insurance to minimize the risk of death in the event of death. In addition, life insurance serves as financial security for loans and mortgages.

Family and couples like to use the so-called “cross-over insurance”. With it, spouses or unmarried partners secure each other – depending on their wishes with different durations and sums insured. Above all, unmarried people compensate for the lack of legal protection in the event of death and tax disadvantages; The latter arise due to the lower deduction on inheritance tax.

life insurance worthwhile

Which term and sum insured are useful for life insurance?

When you put together your Verti life insurance online, you set the sum insured yourself. For example, decide between a falling sum insured and a constant sum insured, depending on the purpose of the insurance. A falling sum insured, for example, is suitable for securing a loan. A constant sum insured, however, makes sense to hedge the partner or the children. In addition, you decide on the contract period at Verti itself. If the insurance serves to protect your family, a term of at least until the children’s financial independence makes sense. Remember also the time needed for a possible vocational training or study. If you use the cheap Verti life insurance as collateral, you should choose a contract period that is at least equal to the repayment term. It may be useful to schedule a corresponding buffer.

Complete life insurance online: Verti makes it possible

Each type of life insurance is designed to meet the needs and demands of the insured person. With the right advice and a clear offer comparison, you can quickly and easily find the right life insurance for you and your loved ones. Verti’s handy online calculator can help you by making you a non-binding quote. Just enter some data into the online calculator and click without obligation on “calculate contribution”. On request, you can immediately take out the life insurance directly online and cheap at Verti.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experts at 030 890 003 366 Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 for all your life insurance needs. For general questions you can also use the e-mail contact with us.