How to Pick a Vintage Bread Box

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A vintage bread box is an old-school kitchen accessory that helps keep bread fresher longer by trapping the moisture inside while allowing air to circulate. These boxes also discourage pests and free up counter space by eliminating errant plastic bags that clutter your kitchen.

How to Pick a Bread Box

There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging in price and style. Stainless steel, wood, ceramic and plastic models are popular, each with its own benefits for storing your bread.

Regardless of the material, look for a model that has ventilation holes to allow air to flow and combat mold. A good bread box should be able to keep your bread fresh for up to three days, so consider the length of time you plan to store it in a bread box before you make a purchase.

While most bread boxes can hold up to two average-sized loaves of bread, a larger version will accommodate larger items, like bagels and cookies. If you plan to use your bread box to store other baked goods, opt for a flat-top model that doesn’t require much countertop space. You can also choose a model with a cutting board, which serves as both a storage box and a kitchen tool. Some models feature side and top handles for easy portability. These styles also make excellent snack stations for gum, mints, bite-size candy and small bags of chips. You can also drill holes into the back of a bread box to thread cell phone chargers, pony tail binders and other small items.

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