Similac Recall Lawyer Timothy L Miles

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Similac Recall Lawyer

If your child was affected by the Similac formula recall, you may want to contact a Similac recall lawyer to discuss your legal options. The Similac recall was due to a bacteria known as Cronobacter sakazakii in powdered formulas made at the same facility. In addition to the risks for infants, the contaminated formula can lead to financial compensation. Miller & Zois, an experienced Similac recall attorney, offers a free consultation to evaluate your case.

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Baby formula lawsuits are complex and challenging, especially because the companies involved are large, powerful and very expensive. Nevertheless, there is hope for families who have suffered due to the NEC. It’s possible to win millions of dollars in settlements if your child has been harmed by the Similac recall. Your Similac recall lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. So, contact a Similac recall lawyer today.

Parents of premature babies who were fed recalled Similac formula have begun pursuing legal action against the companies. One such case involved the parents of a boy who was fed Similac formula during his hospital stay. After being fed the formula for over three months, he developed necrotizing enterocolitis and died just 16 days later. The parents filed a lawsuit seeking financial relief and a trial by jury. Their lawsuit was settled out of court and is now in the hands of a dedicated product liability lawyer.

Parents of infants who consumed the recalled formula have filed lawsuits claiming the company violated federal consumer laws. In one such case, the plaintiff alleges that the recalled formula resulted in gastrointestinal distress and an increased risk of serious illness. Such gastrointestinal distress can lead to serious health complications, including sepsis and meningitis. Fortunately, Similac Recall Lawyer Timothy L. Miles is ready to fight for your rights.

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