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Statement Collective  mens pendant necklace

Whether it’s an evening event, a date, or any special occasion, a men’s pendant necklace can help elevate a man’s look. These pieces are made of different materials and can add a pop of color to an outfit. Although men usually go for a simple gold chain, many cool fashion brands now have mens pendant necklaces in more unique materials. Read on to learn more about these necklaces and how you can wear them with any outfit! Statement Collective – mens pendant necklace

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Steel Ball Chain: While this chain is generally slim and not visible when worn alone, it will look a bit bulky if worn in a way that can impede your movement. For most men, a chain of this width will look fine with a pendant, but avoid figaro, box, marina, and Herringbone chains. Choose a chain with a width of two to six millimeters, which is the standard for mens pendant necklaces.

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